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The divider 550 can move in the plane of the shelf only in the direction parallel to the front rail 580.
19 depicts an isometric view of an installed adaptor of the invention.
The cam bar lever 618 is in a first position which maintains the teeth 612 of the tooth bar 624 out of engagement with the divider teeth 600, as illustrated in FIG.The pusher extender may be slot machine 3d tricks configured to slide over the pusher wall via the cavity like a sleeve.In an embodiment, tongue 724 is in perfect fit with groove 750.Alternatively, the dividers 18 may be positioned at any desired position on the tray 12 or to the surface.81A-B depict partial side views of an exemplary front rail and divider in accordance with one or more aspects of the disclosure.86I, 86 J, and.Additionally the dividers can be adjusted such that the width of the product rows can be adapted to receive different sized products.In at least one embodiment, teeth 736 and teeth 738 form one vertical row of teeth.77 by arrow.The pusher floor 52 may define any shape, including the depicted round shape and may define any product retaining features on the surface of the pusher floor, such as ribs, walls, or the like, to further hold the product on the pusher floor.The resilient tab 606 is configured to hold the barrier in the upright position when it engages tab recess 604.
For example, the back rail 810 may include a recess 804, which may generally be in the shape of.