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Slot machine tournament strategy

slot machine tournament strategy

Bankroll The amount of money you have available for betting, or the maximum amount you are willing to lose in a session.
Play Site Backgammon server.
Unlimited Game Backgammon played using a doubling cube without any limit to the number of doubles and redoubles.
For example, if you win a game worth 4 points in a match in which you are 2 points away from winning, the surplus 2 points are overage.There is often a ridge around the inside of the open end designed to trip up the dice as they leave the cup.Handicap An artificial advantage given to a weaker player in an effort to equalize the chances of winning.Remember to tip them casino venezia online slot generously if they help you out, especially if theyre also serving you drinks.Four-Point The fourth point (1) in a player's home board, counting from the edge of the board toward the bar.To lose one's emotional stability in a gambling context; in particular, to take bigger and bigger risks in an effort to recoup earlier losses.See: How to Play Hyper-Backgammon.Three-Point slot gratis senza scaricare utorrent The third point (1) in a player's home board, counting from the edge of the board toward the bar.Latto Paradox Named after Andy Latto, who suggested the possibility in an Inside Backgammon article, (Vol.Bot Contraction of "robot." A computer program on a backgammon server that plays and competes just as if it were a human player.Opening Game The first phase of a backgammon game where the players have yet to establish their initial game plans.Single Elimination A tournament format in which a competitor continues slot machine vendita 777 playing until he loses.In this model, all of a player's pips are represented by just one checker on a infinitely-long backgammon board.Exposed Checker A blot within range of a direct hit.Ace-Point Game A position in the late stages of a game in which a player is anchored on the opponent's one-point trying to hit a shot as the opponent brings his checkers home and bears them off.
A very strong point to acquire early in a game.
Deuce A rolled die showing the number.