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russian roulette online game revolver shots drinking

Ranged weaponry in the Might and Magic series (the original series, not Heroes - for that, look under Exceptions) never run out of ammunition.
In the Close Combat series of strategy games (not the first person shooter First to Fight ) you command platoon- or company-size units of infantry and tanks which start each mission with an allotment of ammo and NO re-supply.
Saints Row 2 allows you to unlock infinite ammo for different weapon types by completing diversions, on top of the weapons usually holding more bullets than their real-world counterparts would be able to (the most extreme examples being some shotguns, a double-barreled one holding six.Until you defeat her, of course.Unless the ammo is incompatible with the weapons he is carrying.Kingdom Hearts manages to avoid this with the Organization's gunner, Xigbar.These deplete with each shot fired, and refill when empty.Notably, by the time of Avengers: Age of Ultron, he's upgraded to an expanded quiver, presumably to counter this problem.If you don't keep up with the expenditure (especially in Afterlight, where the time spent building ammo is almost always time you could better vincere soldi facili resident evil 5 spend on more/better weapons or armor or whathaveyou your soldiers will quickly have to start counting their d they never get.In Diablo II, quivers hold an utterly ridiculous but finite number of arrows (350 arrows in the same amount of inventory space as a short sword).It could be a helical magazine, which would have the right shape and ammo capacity for the tonfas except that such a design would leave little space for the firing and shell-ejection mechanism.Ricky uses exactly six bullets from his revolver during his "Garbage Day" rampage, then when he goes to commit suicide when more cops come to arrest him, he discovers that the gun is empty.This can sometimes get annoying if this happens two to three shots into a freshly-loaded mag.Due to relatively low damage output and lots of hit points of most units sometimes even truly incredible superiority in numbers for a single battle is nothing if you don't have supplies.Could be hand-waved with alien tech.
President Donald Trump on Saturday condemned violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, where thousands of neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, and other pieces of human trash gathered brandishing guns, torches, and Confederate flags.