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Soon after, he left his home in Paris, Arkansas, finished boot camp, and landed on the island of Oahu, just west of Honolulu.
Along with the horrific death toll, there was major damage to the fleet.It was battle programma per scaricare slot machine online after battle, after that.Hank, now ninety-two, talks about his role in the fighting.Hank, a Private First Class, thought he had had enough of war, but two years and seven months later, he went back in and spent twenty-one years serving his country.Only 855,070 are left today, most in their nineties, and Arkansas is home to 11,070 of them.At around eleven oclock, they drive to Charlestons Senior Center, where they eat lunch and play games like Rook.All of this mattered immensely to Harold Mainer, who had joined the Navy in October 1940 when he was nineteen, just as the draft was being instated.I knew several of them.On the battlefield, he says, fear takes a backseat to staying alive.You cant do that.While all of the technology and digital widgets can be fun, sometimes you just have to get outside and do something physical, not virtual.Hanks story, on a map, Biak Island, on the western end of New Guinea, looks like a high-arched, high-topped shoe.Hed been drafted two years before, and had traveled from his hometown in Indiana to Australia for intensive training.It has been two hours since Hank and Harold sat down to recall their time in World War.Monthly meetings are scheduled the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the DuBois Area High School room A203.You could see other buildings with just the steel structure left, twisted, like they were taffy that had been pulled.Do as youre told.Distressingly, the idea was grabbed by a few people and used to push a political agenda.All eight Navy battleships were damaged, four of them so badly they sank.Another 1,178 were injured.