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I am so glad you are here, lost shredded shirt seeker and strident feminist alike. .
I, too, so thought I was the first.
Probably a socialist, too.
A million crappy clothing marketers have beaten you.I drive a Subaru.Counterculture curator, ive toyed with the pardonmyfringe concept for a while.If you landed here by way of Google, *certain* you had coined a new wry turn of phrase pardon my french some fuck you sassplease accept my condolences.This may be the only site in your search results *not* selling shredded t-shirts, frilly skirts or purses sure to choke you out in an elevator door mishap.If youre feeling even more friendly, you can find.Listen Im not your most unconventional friend.It reflects my pervasive impulse to apologize for my intensity, passion and natural antagonism.I encourage you to do the same.Im a progressive, feminist and activist in Cleveland, Ohio.I do a lot of pointing and linking and have a generally demanding check-this-out-itude, but its because I you, and want you to take a peek behind the curtain with.Facebook, Twitter, or, google, if thats your thing.I have no tattoos.Hey, if *you* are that mom at your PTA, please reach out.That, friends, takes up *a lot* of space.I invite you to look at our culture with a more critical eye, and view yourself with a more loving one.We can swap old shirts from the.Aesthetic mainstreaminess makes me the ideal social change ninjaI might be any flat-ironed mom at your PTA, with a passion platform rivaling the New Deal and the War on Poverty combined.Most of my more interesting piercings have closed.Northern prezzi slot machine zeus free Sun catalog and plan and #OccupyBakesale.Im also a dedicated, brené Brown groupie and recovering perfectionist, so my writing predictably leans into embracing vulnerability and the hard work of personal transformation.
A #sorryimnotsorry nod to the fear of taking up too much space in a world governed by narrow and binary expectations for a straight, thirty-something, white woman in the Rust Belt.
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